Microsoft delays Surface Neo launch beyond 2020


It is reported that Microsoft will not launch the Surface Neo computer later this year as originally planned, and according to reports from ZDNet and CNBC, the software giant is planning internally not to provide any (Windows 10x) hardware in a year. 2020, given what is happening in the world due to the pandemic of the emerging corona virus.

The emergence and spread of the virus around the world changed many of the company’s plans for 2020, in addition to reducing its financial forecasts, Microsoft canceled public events and suspended optional non-security updates to its Windows operating system, but at the same time it rose the popularity of its application to communicate (Teams).
In October 2019, the company announced a foldable computer, the Surface Neo, along with the Android Duo foldable smartphone, and Surface products represented 4.5 percent of Microsoft’s total revenue in FY 2019. After the software giant expanded its line of Surface devices since 2012.

The foldable computer (Surface Neo) works with the new operating system called (Windows 10x), which represents a special version of Windows 10 operating system capable of running applications through more than one screen, and the company is said to have stopped the development of (Windows 10x) and transformed Its focus is to make it work well on single-screen devices such as laptops and two-in-one converters.

It seems that the Android Duo dual-screen smartphone has not been affected yet, however, third-party or foldable dual-screen computers, such as the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold model, will not use this General system (Windows 10x), which is likely to represent a major setback for such forms of hardware.


These were the details of Microsoft’s news, delaying the launch of Surface Neo until after 2020 to this day. We hope that we have succeeded by giving you the full details and information.

It is also worth noting that the original news has been published and available on The Arab Technical News Portal The editorial team has done in Gulf 365 Make sure of it and it may have been modified, and it may have been completely transferred or quoted from it. You can read and follow the developments of this news from its main source.


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