Messi: the leader of the Barcelona Salvation Revolution


Source: Barcelona – DBA

Despite the cessation of sports activities in most parts of the world, especially in the European continent, due to the outbreak of new infections, “Corona” virus, the stars of the witch are still receiving great attention and a huge amount of lights, especially those who contribute to reducing the burdens on their clubs and society during this huge crisis.

While the stadiums turned into barracks for silence and ghosts in light of the interruption of most matches in the world of football, the stars of the witch rounded in capturing the spotlight even during self-isolation in their homes in implementation of the instructions of the authorities and preventive and preventive measures applied everywhere to limit the spread of this epidemic.

In light of the large financial burdens imposed by the current crisis on clubs and sports organizations, a large number of players in a number of European countries did not hesitate to waive part of their financial dues, whether this was voluntary or after negotiations between the players and their clubs.

But one star succeeded in capturing most of the lights, and he became, as always, the hour in football circles all over the world, which is Argentine Lionel Messi, Barcelona striker, who gave his old Catalan club a kiss of life by leading the team players to waive a large percentage of their salaries to help their club pass these The difficult crisis.

Once Messi announced this on Monday through a statement in which he confirmed his support for the team and their team next to their club, Messi kidnapped the spotlight from everyone as most of the European newspapers issued the spotlight on Messi, whose image appeared on a large number of covers of magazines and pages of European newspapers.

The most prominent of these newspapers was the French sports “L’Equipe”, which likened Messi to the late revolutionary Che Guevara, who was a symbol of the Cuban revolution, as Messi’s face appeared in the same form as Guevara on the first page on Tuesday.

“Lionel Messi, Che (Guevara) de Barcelona,” said the newspaper under Messi’s picture. In his statement on Monday, Messi seemed to be the leader of the rescue revolution in Barcelona just as Guevara was a symbol of the Cuban revolution.

Despite this, the French newspaper pointed out that Messi criticized the management of the Catalan club strongly for the way it communicated with the players in this crisis.

Argentine international star Messi announced that the team’s stars agreed to reduce their salaries by 70% during the emergency imposed in Spain in light of the crisis of the outbreak of the Corona virus emerging (Covid-19), to help pay the salaries of the other workers in the club.
Spain continues to witness strict restrictions and a state of closure that will last until April 11, as part of efforts to curb the spread of the epidemic.

Football matches in Spain were canceled until further notice, and Barcelona announced a few days ago that it would reduce the players ’salaries.

On the other hand, Barcelona President Josep Maria Bartomeo confirmed that he and the club officials will not be responsible if they do not succeed in implementing the reduction in the salaries of players in the first team of the club.

Bartomeo said in press statements: Messi told me the need to apply this cut in salaries, we must take all measures to implement this.

Bartomeo indicated that the club will provide 14 million euros a month in reducing salaries from the first team’s salaries and only two million euros for the rest of the club’s teams and that the club’s economic situation is difficult and these measures must be applied to protect the club.

“From the first moment, I wanted this to be by agreement and not an imperative even though we can implement this by law,” Bartumio stressed. We wanted to reach an agreement, because it is a good thing for Barcelona, ​​and the players confirmed their loyalty and loyalty to the club. This was done as I wanted and without imposing anything on the players. We preferred to wait to discuss the matter with the players without any compulsion.

Bartomeo pointed out that the Corona crisis makes the club officials not currently considering the arrangements for the electoral process, as the club elections will start thinking when the situation is permitted after the current crisis ends.


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