Messi joins the list of “Corona” victims


After imposing almost complete paralysis on tournaments and sporting events and led to the postponement of some and the cancellation of others, the Corona virus was transmitted to the players, infecting one group of them and inflicting another major material damage.

After confirming the injury of a group of sports celebrities, especially football stars, such as Juventus player, Argentine Paulo Dybala, and the legend of Milan, Paulo Maldini, and other stars were affected financially, such as the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo, who lost a large part of his annual salary after reducing his team Juventus salary, here is the Argentine Lionel Messi, Barcelona captain, joins the list of victims of the virus, which does not distinguish between small and old, and between a private and famous person.

According to the site “Total Sportek”, Messi, after agreeing to reduce his salary by 70 percent, under the current conditions experienced by his team Barcelona after the outbreak of the Corona virus and the suspension of sports activity in Spain, the “flea” will lose 4.2 million euros from his monthly salary .

The site reported that Messi earns approximately 6 million euros a month, and after reducing 70 percent of this salary, he will only have 1.8 million euros left.


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