Megan Markle is bullied because of an old picture of her..Prince Harry finds it difficult to adapt in Los Angeles


Millions of people around the world believe that Megan Markle She takes control of her husband, Prince Harry, and compels him, out of his love for her, to support her in all of her new plans for her new life and alienation from his country and his royal family at the most times they need him, which strengthened the anger of many of them, and the opportunity came through an old picture of her for some of them to bully her.

Where an old picture of her from the past spread on social media, as she was in childhood, and Megan Markle appeared in different features from her current features today.

Megan Markle was subjected to a bullying campaign because of this very ordinary image in the eyes of some, as it is natural for a person to change from childhood to today, as it becomes over time more mature, beautiful and elegant.

On the other hand, Dr. Jane Goodall, 86, an expert in biology, environment and personal friend of Prince Harry, has revealed that she has been in constant contact with him since he abandoned his royal duties and lived in North America and moved with his wife, Megan Markle, 38, and their child Archie, who is from 11 months old to Los Angeles, and Prince Harry, 35, is having a hard time adjusting to his new life there.

He also feels guilty conscience for having had to stay away from his royal family and country at a critical stage in light of the outbreak of the Coronavirus virus worldwide.

Royal duo Harry and Meghan were very impressed with the famous activist and scientist Jane Goodall, and invited her to spend vacation with them in the summer of 2019 in their house “Frogmore Cottage” in Windsor, and she was one of the first to carry their child Archie from outside their families.

She added that Prince Harry and his brother Prince William were very fond of nature and hunting, and they were very adept, but Prince Harry stopped hunting after his marriage to Megan, a loyal animal friend, who did not like this deadly hobby for her at all.

Famous anthropologist Jane Goodall said: She is now enjoying staying at home, but her response to her e-mails is more stressful for her than traveling around the world, she said to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”.

Prince Harry had a beautiful environmental dialogue with his best friend, Dr. Jane Goodall, last September for Vogue magazine, with a special issue overseen by his wife Megan Markle, who edited it, and Prince Harry stated that he only wanted two children.

The latest thing about the royal duo Harry and Meghan, they are considering buying the luxury home of international actor Mel Gibson according to what leaked real estate agent Andrea Pilot, but one source confirmed, that the house has already been sold, and it will not be available for purchase by Prince Harry and his wife, Megan Markle.

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