Medtronic drops the intellectual property rights of the respirator and calls on countries to manufacture it


Medtronic, the most famous respirator manufacturer, has revealed the intellectual property rights of its respirators, and that all designs have been shared with countries to start manufacturing immediately.

The company confirmed, it is publicly sharing the design specifications, to enable participants across industries to evaluate rapid manufacturing options for ventilators to help doctors and patients who deal with the Corona virus according to (cnbc) Arabic.

She explained that this decision is in line with recent FDA guidelines, and in accordance with the public and medical health response of government agencies worldwide.

It is reported that Medtronic is a global medical technology company.

And the device that it announced to share with countries is PB 560, which was launched in 2010 in 35 countries around the world.

The company explained that the ability of this ventilator to use it in a range of care settings, in addition to its technology and design, make it a powerful ventilation solution for manufacturers, inventors, startups and academic institutions that seek to intensify the design and production of ventilators quickly.

The company has included design requirements manuals, manufacturing documents, and plans on the company’s website “, where design specifications are available PB 560 today, and program code and other information will be followed soon.

The PB 560 Ventilator is a compact, lightweight and portable ventilator that provides air duct support for both adults and children. It can be used in clinical settings, at home and provides portable respiratory support.

The company stressed its awareness of the urgent need for ventilation devices as life-saving devices in the face of a COVID-19 infection.

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