Medhat Saleh “Online” next Sunday … a bouquet of his musical career


Next Sunday at nine in the evening, on the channel of the Ministry of Culture via YouTube, the concert of the star Medhat Saleh, which comes as a continuation of the series of online concerts, which was finally decided by the Ministry of Culture, to confront the Corona virus on the cultural level, where activities reach the recipient at home after the decision to suspend activities for fear From spreading the virus.

It is scheduled that Saleh will present a bouquet of his most prominent songs during his artistic career, such as: “Millionaires”, “Gay on Yourself”, “One Heart”, “Planet Tani” and “Three Salamat”, in addition to the songs of his latest album “Bint Al Qalb” , Which includes “Like What You Want”, “You Have a Feeling”, “They Are the Beloved”, “The Girl of the Heart”.

Medhat Saleh is preparing to launch a new song, which is part of the events of the movie “The Blue Whale”, from the words of Ibrahim Abdel Fattah, composed by Fares Fahmy, and the distribution of music in the name of Saeed. It is scheduled to be presented in the coming days on YouTube.

It is noteworthy that the latest work of Medhat Saleh is a new song called “Tarafi Teskti”, through his YouTube channel, from the words of Bahaa El Din Mohamed and composed by Mostafa Gad, and it is considered one of the songs of his new album, “Bint El Qalb”, from which more than one song was released.

It is noteworthy that Dr. Inas Abdel-Dayem announced the initiative of the Ministry of Culture “in your hands”, as it broadcast last Thursday a concert held at the Egyptian Opera House Ali Hajjar and Reham Abdel-Hakim and Amina Khairat with musician Omar Khairat, as this came in a pre-emptive move against corona.

A ministry website has been launched that works online on various social media pages to broadcast some of the ministry’s activities to the masses at home.

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