MBC reveals how the new Ramiz Jalal program was filmed under Corona


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Mazen Hayek, spokesperson for the MBC group, answered the question many people are asking about how to shoot the official “Ramez Majnoon” dumps program in Dubai with the halting of traffic due to the Corona pandemic.

Hayek said in an interview with newspaper “Gulf”, most of the episodes were filmed before the global pandemic spread.

Hayek added, “This type of program needs long-term preparations and logistical equipment, so filming of the next part often begins as soon as the last episode of the current part ends, and from Without a break between seasonsTherefore, guests were not at risk of infection. ”

Hayek pointed out that Ramez’s mold this year “begins by hosting the program team for one of the stars of art, sport, or media, who are being delivered to somewhere in Dubai, and they are exposed to an unexpected adventure, and from here the excitement begins.”

The MBC Egypt satellite channel was launched yesterday, Monday, The official promo of the landfill program “Ramez Majnoun Official”, presented by Ramez Jalal, and shown during the month of Ramadan.

The program, which was filmed in the Gulf emirate of Dubai, shows snapshots of its famous victims, such as Yasmine Sabry, Ghada Adel, Yasmine Rais, Nabila Obaid, Fifi Abdo, Amina Khalil, Basem Yakhour and Emirati singer Abdullah Al-Khair And festive singer Hassan Chakouch and folk singer Abdel Baset Hamouda.

Ramiz Jalal also reveals in the promo that he will make his victims experience a frightening experience, forcing them to cry and laugh at the same time.

Ramez appears in some shots while masquerading as horror celebrities, such as “Dracula” and “Freddy Kruger” and the clown of the American horror movie “Et”.

“Ramz Majnoon Official” will be shown in Ramadan on MBC Egypt, MBC Iraq, MBC5 and MBC5.

It is noteworthy that Ramez Jalal demonstrated last Ramadan, “Ramez in the waterfall”, which A sports celebrity is brought in Or art or the media, and take him to the country of Indonesia, to undergo a difficult and unexpected adventure, on one of the islands, to begin after the movements of excitement and horror appear.

It is noteworthy that Ramez Jalal has been presenting prank programs since 2011, and the beginning was with “Ramez the Lionheart”, to be followed by the “Ramez Fox Desert” and “Ramez Ankh Amun” programs on the Egyptian satellite channel “Al-Hayat”, “Ramez Shark Al-Bahar” and “Ramez Wakel” The Air “,” Ramez plays with fire “,” Ramez underground “and finally” Ramez is below zero “, all of which were shown on the satellite channel” MBC Egypt “Saudi Arabia.


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