Maya Diab excited her fans: “Exceptional Night”!



Lebanese artist Madia Diab is preparing to revive a live concert with her band tomorrow, Thursday, through YouTube, due to the prevailing health conditions due to the spread of Corona virus.

Diab wrote on her Instagram page, “Ready to spend an exceptional night Sawa? Show me Thursday at 10 Beirut time, 9 Egypt time and 10 Saudi time with a live concert and it is not normal on YouTube!

The public expressed their enthusiasm while waiting for the ceremony, and considered it a way out of this crisis and boredom, indicating that the celebration may help change the charged atmosphere that people live in their homes.

The new Corona virus caused paralysis of a large number of businesses worldwide, and everyone, including stars and celebrities, was affected by the virus.

Although a number of celebrities were able to complete filming their own works for display during the month of Ramadan, the most prominent were the stopping of concerts that witness large gatherings and could be a fertile environment for the spread of the virus, in addition to programs that require the presence of the public and need travel and travel between the country.

On the other hand, this virus had a positive impact on a number of artists, as the Lebanese artist Maya Diab can be described as smart, according to the followers, as Diab is not considered one of the stars who perform many concerts, and she was also absent from acting and presenting programs recently.

And the Lebanese artist took advantage of the spread of the virus and appeared to the public more than before, in the beginning Diab was one of the first stars to launch a program for dialogue through “LIVE” via Instagram, and hosted a number of stars, including Yusra, Muhannad Al-Hamdi, and others.

On the other hand, the Lebanese artist had published a picture of her daughter Kai earlier on the occasion of Palm Sunday, and her daughter raised a state of comments because of her beauty, which some saw that she seemed close to her mother, as others commented that Kai became the age of young people, and asked about the possibility of entering the world Fame, acting and singing in the event that she has a distinctive voice, especially since she has many qualifications that help her to matter, with her mother’s continued support for her.

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