May God curse the Al-Jazeera crew .. Saudi youth responds to the Qatar


A lyric group composed of a group of youth from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia composed and directed a national song for King Salman, as an expression of national cohesion between the Saudi people and their leadership.And that singing group also responded to Al-Jazeera and its crew, which constantly attacks and questions every Saudi achievement, and the singing group repeated some words such as Long live the king, Long live Salman, and may God curse him on the Al-Jazeera crew.

Fajr Al-Saeed published tweets saying, “It is clear that people are bored of Corona and new rumors are circulating in it, and the target has been going towards the Saudi big sister. The Al-Jazeera machine and its attachments were busy throughout the day yesterday, broadcasting continuous rumors of a coup in Saudi Arabia.”

Fajr Al-Saeed added, “I used to not believe any news broadcast by Al-Jazeera, I know that the plot was cooked and is being published, Al-Jazeera even the truth distorted it in a way that tells the news, so I have no credibility for any news broadcasted through it.”

“Each of the families of the Gulf families is a ruling family or people, and the family of Saud is ultimately a family and the dispute is large or small but it is resolved between them, and in Saudi Arabia specifically a great one for them whose name is Salman bin Abdul Aziz is permissible for the difficult ones so do not fly with omelets.”

Fajr Al-Saeed continued, “Of course, you will not find an official statement announcing that a family dispute between family members, as family disputes do not issue a statement, but the patriarchal scene between King Salman and his children will reassure Saudi Arabia and do not believe the rumors.”


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