May 24, the deadline for a poisonous comet to approach the sun – Palestine today


Ludmila Cushman, a Russian astronomer, has announced that a comet with a toxic cyanogen nucleus will approach at the end of May from the sun, and it can be seen from Earth with the naked eye.

The Russian scientist predicted on May 24 that the comet would approach Earth at a distance of 117 million km. On May 31, it will approach the sun over a distance of 38 million km, meaning it will be closer to Mercury to the sun.

“The comet can become brighter in the sky for seven years. Under the influence of the solar wind, two tails, one of them from gas and the other from dust, give him a great look,” the astronomer said in an interview with the Russian news agency, Novosti.
And then, she added, “just predictable”, according to Cushman.
It should be noted that the comet C / 2019Y4 Atlas was discovered on December 28, 2019 and during this period its brightness has increased a lot. According to Cushman, “The brightness at the end of March at the beginning of April was equal to the eighth degree of brightness, which means that as the sun approaches, the velocity of the comet’s evaporation increases.”
Cushman notes that at the end of April, the comet will be visible with the naked eye, as its brightness will reach the second degree, that is, the level of brightness of the stars of the constellation of the Big Dipper.


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