Matt Lublin reveals the strangest situation that happened to him while acting as Friends


Friends of the series “Matt Lublin” appeared on Kelly Clarkson in a previously recorded episode, where he talked about his memories in the nineties of the series Friends.

Matt revealed that he faced many strange situations and violated strange peculiarities due to his widespread popularity at the time.

Matt LeBlanc, Kelly Clarkson

Matt began his speech by mentioning one of the violations of privacy. He said: “I remember one time I was flipping on TV channels and watching news and for some reason in one of the channels the screen was divided into six parts.”

He continued his speech: “In each part, there was a direct snapshot of our six of our homes as if they were a helicopter to take. I was watching the clips and there was no information or news. It was just a display of our six of our homes.”

In spite of the shock of the situation, however, Matt took the comical side of him to see his house from afar, so he said: “I remember looking at a relative close to my house and I was thinking I needed a new roof, to fly the helicopter away, and then I would take it peaceful and go to fix the roof.”

The 52-year-old said about the anticipated reunion, which was postponed due to the spread of the Coruna virus. He said: “It is not something written, not an episode. We are the six. We will talk about the good old days as if we were preparing without tools.”

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