Maradona asks God’s Hand to protect the world


Argentine football legend Diego Maradona asked the “hand of God” to protect the world from the Coruna virus epidemic, and to allow the resumption of normal life.

The talk of the Italian Napoli player, who won with his country the 1986 World Cup in Mexico about “the hand of God” comes after the National Federation officials voted to end the current season and suspend the landing, which saved the Jimnasia team, who Maradona took over his technical management last September from leaving the first class.

The “golden boy” scored in the World Cup in Mexico a goal for his country with his hand against England in the quarter-finals to give his team a 2-1 victory, and he stated at the time that “it was not my hand but the hand of God.”

Maradona told the Argentine newspaper “Clarin”: “Today this happened to us and many say it is the” hand of God “again, but I ask that hand to end this epidemic so that people can return to live their lives, in good health and happiness.”

He added: “It is not the end we wanted, we were convinced that we could save ourselves on the field.”

The spread of the “Covid-19” virus led to a complete closure in Argentina, starting on March 20, and left behind 207 deaths, out of 4114 confirmed cases, according to statistics on Wednesday.

Maradona, 59, noted that clubs in Argentina have been facing financial difficulties for years.

The controversial player hoped “that it will be understood that we have to face what is coming together, for the sake of good football. No one among us is like Rambo (a movie character) in this war, because even Rambo loses against this thing.”

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