Map of Ramadan 2020 series on MBC channels and MBC channel frequency on Nilesat


Map of Ramadan 2020 series on MBC channels, where we offer you the followers and fans of the series MBC channel frequency on Nilesat, where the MBC channel is one of the strong channels in the transfer of drama works in the Middle East and the Gulf, so we provide its frequency And the Ramadan series 2020 series, which is considered one of the important satellite channels on the media scene, as it provides entertainment content based on diversity, innovation and meaning in all different fields of interest to the viewer, whether the political and news field, or the economic, entertainment, medical, religious or other fields and other aspects, It is a channel A complete entertainment variety.

Map of Ramadan series on MBC channels

The channel published a map of the new Ramadan series and identified several strong series that will be presented to the channel during the 2020 Ramadan season, which separates us for a few weeks. Mbc1 settled on 4 series, Egyptian “Valentino” starring Adel Imam, and “Choice” Starring Amir Karara and embodies the personality of the martyr Ahmed Mansi, the series “We Love Tani Les” by Yasmine Sabry, the series “Prince” by the artist Mohamed Ramadan, the series “Atenin in the Box” by Hamdi Al-Mirghani, and shown on MBC Egypt, and the series “Sugar Ziada” by Nadia The soldier and Nabila Obeid, shows on MBC channels.

The rest of the network’s channels are scheduled to display a number of Gulf and Egyptian series and programs, and the MBC network wants to compete in the Ramadan season this year strongly and wants to get the highest viewing rates next to the Egyptian satellite channels, and the other series will be announced during the coming period.

MBC channel frequency on Nilesat

SatelliteCorrection factor and coding rateOscillation
Arab Sat27500 5/612284
Arab Sat27500 5/611270
Nile Sat27500 5/611476
Nile Sat27500 5/611470

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