Malmo Film Festival Announces Film Development Grant


The cooperation between the Malmö Arab Film Festival, the Swedish Film Institute and Skona Film to support fictional, documentary and short film projects is underway in the development stages for the sixth consecutive year, and the sixth edition of the Malmö Market Forum will be held from 9 to 11 October 2020, and the deadline for submission is May 31, 2020.
The Malmo Arab Film Festival, the Swedish Film Institute and Skona Film in August 2020 announce the projects chosen for participation as follows:
Five projects to participate in the feature film development grant competition.
Three projects to participate in the long documentary film development grant competition.
Five projects to participate in the short film development grant competition.
Representatives of each chosen feature film project will be invited, in addition to one representative from each documentary and short film project chosen, to attend the Malmö Arab Film Festival 2020 and participate in the Malmö Market Forum held from October 9 to 11.
Project representatives will be able to participate in the presentation sessions and hold individual meetings with the grant jury, as well as have the opportunity to meet future participating producers from the Nordic countries and the Arab world, as well as a group of the most important experts and representatives of support funds and film institutions from all over the world.
The name of the projects selected to receive support will be announced during the closing ceremony of the Malmo Market Forum on October 11, 2020.
Muhammad Qiblawi, founder and president of the Malmö Film Festival and the Malmö Market Forum, expressed his happiness at the continuation of the initiative, saying, “We are proud to continue to cooperate with the Swedish Film Institute and its film. Thanks to their support, a large number of films were produced jointly by Sweden and the Arab world.
“Today we announce the acceptance of requests for cinematic projects, and the entire world lives in the Coruna virus epidemic, we hope that this epidemic will be overcome as soon as possible, and we hope that the Malmo Festival and Market will be held next October in its due date, and that cloud has passed over the world in peace. Life must continue Therefore, the festival team is working to hold the festival activities and preparing to receive all its guests, from the cinematographers and the media, after the world recovers from this dangerous virus.
The Malmö Marketplace Forum for developing feature films, worth 150,000 Swedish kronor from the Swedish Film Institute.
The Malmö Marketplace Fellowship of 75,000 Swedish kronor forum is awarded by the Swedish Film Institute.
The Malmo Marketplace Short Film Development grant worth SEK 30,000 from Skona.
The Malmo Market Forum is the first platform in the world devoted to cooperation and joint production, between the countries of the North and the Arab world. The forum contributed by granting development to the exit of a large number of distinguished Arab films for the light, to begin a great journey in international festivals, including the long film “On the Palm of Imp. Kawthar Bin Haniyeh, who was officially chosen for the Festival de Cannes, and the short film “Brothers” by Maryam Jaber, who reached the final nominations for the Oscars.


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