Mahmoud Hamida storms the communication sites with “Corona Tips”



Al Ain newsletter Safwat Desouky
Egyptian artist Mahmoud Hamida

Egyptian artist Mahmoud Hamida

The new Corona virus forced the great Egyptian actor Mahmoud Hamida to create an account through Facebook, and the first content he provided was a video clip in which he spoke (Covid-19), asking his followers to deal with the crisis calmly and with commitment.

The famous artist, the video clip that he published, began on Tuesday, talking about his motives for appearing on social media sites, saying: “I decided to appear for two reasons. The first is that there is someone who impersonates me through the communication sites.”

He added: “Although I announced on the (Her Excellency) program with the artist, Isaad Younis, that I do not have any accounts on the communication sites, this person is still using my name.”

He continued: “The second reason is my desire to talk about Corona, which terrified the world. The truth is, I am surprised by the scale of the terror that is sweeping the world from this deadly virus.”

He said: “We should not be so scared. If there is an army on the verge of war and you have panic, it will feel tense and defeated.” He appealed to his followers to calmly deal with the matter and take precautionary measures to prevent the virus.

Hamida revealed the beginning of his knowledge of the crisis, saying: “I learned about the severe danger of Corona from the artist Mustafa Shaban during our participation in the Luxor Film Festival, and the opening ceremony passed peacefully, but after one day we learned of the presence of a boat carrying HIV infected.”

He added: “Although the armed forces transferred the injured to the quarantine in Matrouh Governorate, the panic that dominated the festival participants was strange. The matter should be dealt with calmly.”

He continued: “The virus has infected the Prince of Monaco and world star Tom Hanks and his wife, despite the great protection measures that surround them. We must adhere to the home quarantine without fear and take precautions.”

Hamidah finished the video by noting that he recorded it during the filming of his new series “When We Was Young”, which brings together a number of stars, including Reham Hajjaj and Khaled Al Nabawi.


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