Madonna announces the sad and shocking news of the Corona virus-video


In an atmosphere of sadness, gloom, and intense emotion, she announced the international singerMadonnaShe lost three of her best friends after she was injured by B.Corona Virus.
Madonna appeared through a video clip that she posted on her personal page on a social networking site while she was sitting at an office in a dark room and writing her diaries in isolation on a rudimentary writing machine with music for the guitar in the background, to announce that she did not sleep a minute and that she was not fine after she lost 3 Friends of this virus.
Madonna said that the amount of pain she feels is very great, and that she wishes she could get out of her body, because within the last 24 hours, 3 of her best friends were afflicted with the deadly epidemic and died, and they are her cousin, brother of her security guard and musician Orlando Porta, with whom she cooperated. In many of her individual songs.


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