Madiha Al-Hamdani, wife of Qusai Khouli, raises the controversy again with a mysterious message


The wife of the actor Qusai Khouli, Mrs. Madiha Al-Hamdani, caused the controversy among the followers with a mysterious message she wrote under a new picture, which she published on her official page via Instagram.

She wrote: “When I was a child I dreamed of the day I would leave the house, travel, get a real job, earn a lot of money, drive a car, and maybe if I was lucky enough to fall in love, I remember when I was lying if I asked about my age and pretended I was Older not for nothing but to get a job and to be dealt with seriously. I was in a hurry, now I wonder why rush and life is speeding by nature. Now I try to slow and I cannot, I lost control. Years look like nothing and tomorrow is yesterday. To you I hope to be a child again. “

Which prompted followers to link this post to the crisis that occurred between her and her husband, the Syrian actor, after she revealed the fact that he neglected her and their child, but Qusai Khouli returned and surprised everyone with a video published on his official pages through social networking sites appeared in it while carrying his child in his arms as if He indirectly responded to Madiha Al-Hamdani’s accusations.


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