Love and free wrestling … gladiators got married after their first WWE encounter!


Sport 360 – There are a large number of couples in WWE Now more than ever, however, the list appears to be much larger now than it was before.

With Smack Dawn, Rowe, nxt and Live 205, and British Talent Show, then this means there are so many faces in the company and more potential to meet stars and become friends and also husbands.

While many husbands like Johnny Gargano, Candace Laura or even Keith Lee and Mya Yam met before they came to WWE, there are a number of current and former husbands in WWE who met while they were part of WWE and were linked to marriage through their first encounter with the union.

During the following list we list you the gladiators and gladiators who got married while they were their first in WWE

Blair recently indicated that she had been a fan of my husband’s hero Roo from the moment they met at the WWE Performance Center. The couple started dating, and announced their engagement in 2017 before they got married the following year.

Beth Phoenix and Edge

Edge recently returned to WWE after a nine-year hiatus, the couple appeared in the spotlight when Phoenix was introduced to the Hall of Fame in 2017.

In Edge’s latest documentary, the couple revealed that despite working in WWE for a number of years at the same time, they didn’t really relate until Edge’s retirement night, which was his last appearance on RAW in September 2011.

The couple have been together since then and they have two daughters named Ruby and Leric.

Rene Young and Dean Ambrose

Renee Young’s relationship started when Ambrose and Renee came to WWE and a former Shield team member had immediate contact with her.
Young talked about their meeting several times when she revealed that Ambrose did not talk to many people behind the scenes but she was one of those he talks to, and the couple became very close.

They married secretly in the back garden of their home in 2015 and the marriage was not revealed until the following year.

Bree Bella and Daniel Brian

Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan are one of the most popular husbands in WWE as they are currently stars of Total Divas and Total Bellas.
Brian and Brie started their relationship dating back in 2011 after the story they had on both WWE Shows, something Brian revealed in his autobiography released after WrestleMania 30.

Brie and Brian went into marriage after the latter won the WWE championship in 2014 before welcoming their first child in 2017, a daughter named Birdie.
Brie and Brian are currently expecting a second child, something that Brie and her sister Nicki announced earlier this year.

The couple revealed their relationship after WrestleMania last year as they both became union champions.

Back in the summer of 2019, the duo announced on Instagram that they were engaged and before the Corona Virus pandemic they were planning their wedding.

Undertaker has been married three times throughout his career, but his current marriage was to former champion Michelle McCall.
He met Michelle and Undertaker while they were working together in WWE in 2007 and they went to marriage in 2010. Michelle retired from WWE the following year when she lost to Leila at Extreme Rolls in 2011 before the couple welcomed their only child together, a daughter named Feith in the year 2012.

Charlotte Andrade

The other current WWE couple consists of NXT women’s Charlotte and United States champion Andrade. It was public about their relationship over the past year, and they revealed that they are now connected. Charlotte has been married and divorced twice.

Aleister Black and Xilina Vega

Zelena Vega may appear in WWE shows as an undercover business manager, but outside WWE, she is married to Aleister Black. The previous NXT star was originally in a relationship with Austin Ares when she first came to WWE but after the couple split she became very special about her personal life and the only time WWE found out about Black and Vega’s relationship was when she followed up on their wedding in 2018.

Stephanie McMahon and Triple H.

Stephanie McMann and Triple H are the most powerful marriages within wwe, and they owe the union that brought them together or the creativity team at wwe put them in a story throughout 1999.
Triple H was originally in a relationship with late wrestling China in WWE’s early years, but this changed quickly after his story with Stephanie McMann.

Triple H recently revealed that Vince McMann tried to make his life as embarrassing as possible when he started dating his daughter but this did not prevent the couple from continuing their relationship and marriage officially in 2003.

Spouses now have three daughters together and still the most powerful marriage after more than two decades together.

Lana and Rousseff

Lana came to WWE after applying for the 2013 Diva Search that Eva Marie and Jojo Offerman won. She was with Rousseff at NXT and it appears the couple made their decision right away and have been in a relationship since then.

They married officially in July 2016, and they had the ability to get two weddings, one in Bulgaria with the Rousseff family, and one in America with the Lana family.

CM Bank and AJ Lee

CM Bank and IJ Lee became close friends as soon as they met and IJ Lee even revealed in her autobiography that they were exchanging advice for each other all the time. Then Lee and Punk were put in a scenario at WWE Shows where Lee kissed CM Bank. Then she realized that she wanted to be in a relationship with Punk.

In the end, the couple met together and had a relationship when Banke left WWE in 2014 and got married the following year just months after Lee retired from WWE.

Brock Lesnar may be an unstoppable force in WWE shows, but he’s out of the ring, he’s a loving husband and father, because he’s married to former wwe champion Sable wwe.

Sable was seen as one of the most beautiful women in wwe throughout the era of the attitude. But when she returned to WWE in 2003, she met a young man named Brock Lesnar, and the couple immediately hit a marriage date.
The couple married in 2006 after Sable retired from wrestling and since then they have had two sons, Duke and York.

Naomi and Jimmy Oso

Naomi and Jimmy Oso have worked together multiple times in WWE, and they got married in 2014.
The relationship between the duo first appeared when they became regular members of the Total Divas program in 2013 and then they got married as part of the show.

Ricoche and Cassie Catanzaro

Ricochet came to WWE after he made headlines all over the world when it came to his style of high flying, but the former U.S. champion was also able to capture the attention of American Cassi Catanzaro when he finally reached WWE.

The couple announced their relationship since they met at the performance center when they were training on NXT.

The Miz and Maris

The Miz and Maris initially met when the Miz was a referee in the 2006 Diva Search Talent Contest, Maris revealed that at the time he was rude to her, which is why it wasn’t so good between them even they worked together on WWE shows in 2009.

Miz and Mares got married in February 2014 and Maris has since returned to WWE and has been part of a number of scenarios.

At present, the couple have two daughters together, the first Monroy Sky, and Madison Jade Mizinian.

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