Liverpool is “disappointed” by the mayor’s statement ending the season


Source: Liverpool – Reuters

Liverpool Mayor Joe Anderson has expressed concern about rallies that may occur outside the city team’s “Anfield” stadium, in the event that the English Premier League football resumed due to the outbreak of the Corona virus, even if it left behind closed doors.

Liverpool were just two victories away from crowning an England champion for the first time in 30 years, before the league’s suspension on March 13 missed indefinitely due to “Covid-19”.

Premier League officials hope to finish the season, but the “appeal project” has not welcomed many current and former players who have deemed it too early to return to the competition. There is no doubt that in the event of a return to the stadiums, the matches will be held behind closed doors, but Anderson believes that this will not be enough to prevent the fans from gathering, highlighting the possibility of fans ignoring the commitment to social distance and safe distance in light of the upcoming celebrations.

Anderson Anderson told the BBC on Thursday, “Even if (games) are held behind closed doors, thousands will rush outside Anfield. Many people will not stick to what we say and stay indoors. Many of them will go to celebrate, it is not a successful idea.” .

Some reports indicated that there is a possibility to hold the remaining 92 matches of the “Premier League” in neutral stadiums and specific places to be approved in order to reduce the outbreak of the emerging corona virus. However, Anderson expressed concern that Anfield would become a crowded place for fans during the Red Team matches even if he was playing elsewhere, and said, “Even so, I think many fans will go to Anfield to celebrate, and I understand the police concerns about it, so There is difficulty for us. ”

“I think it will be very difficult for policemen to keep people away from each other and maintain social distance if they want to celebrate outside Anfield. It will be comical,” he said.

The European champion said in a statement he was “disappointed” by Anderson’s comments, considering that there is no evidence to support his allegations. “In recent weeks, we have contacted groups of our fans who have informed us of their intention to respect the measures of social separation,” the statement said.

And Anderson confirmed his desire to end the season, saying that “the best thing to do is finish the league. It is not just about Liverpool, they obviously won the league, they deserve it and they must be crowned champions.”
“The bottom line is that it is about the health, safety and life of people,” he concluded.


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