Live broadcast on the media treating sports stars against quarantine



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Sunday 26 April 2020 – 4:42 PM
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Sunday 26 April 2020 – 4:44 PM

From Instagram to “Twitch”, the live broadcast on social media has turned into an anti-stone treatment for sports stars who have found themselves isolated between the walls of their homes, in light of the cessation of activities due to the emerging Corona virus.

Outside of their favorite stadiums and sports, the stars profited from platforms for live interaction with fans and other athletes alike, to reveal another aspect of their characters that made them humanly closer to their followers who used to see them as a competitive machine that put them in the ranks of legends.

Certainly, the content of the communication platforms these days is completely different from what happened in 2016 with Ivory Serge Aouier, who was arrested by his French football team, Paris Saint-Germain, against the background of statements against his coach Laurent Blanc and a number of his colleagues, in a video published via the “Periscope” service and a scandal Major rocked the Parisian team, and received the attention of the French media.

From French Real Madrid striker Karim Benzema to Brazilian legend Ronaldo, isolation has prompted many sports stars to reveal distinct personal aspects of their interaction with millions of “followers”.

Even Spanish tennis star Rafael Nadal, who suffered two things to master the work on Instagram, showed his other side in a “live” confrontation with his Swiss rival Roger Federer, in which they dealt with the current situation and what can be presented to the game in light of the suspension of competitions.

“Since the competitions are suspended, the athletes are freed from the supervision of the media officer for their club (in team sports),” Boris Hilo, expert on digital strategies in sports, told AFP.

“Therefore, there is a barrier that drops and strengthens direct contact with the fans: the athlete (the media official) becomes himself, and he can talk about topics that we have not heard about before.”

With the program “Nueve Live”, that is, the number 9 on the air, which also bears the name of a public relations agency that he launched in the summer of 2019, the French striker for Real has become one of the most interactive among athletes with fans, and is considered one of the most follow-up French characters in the world with 33.6 One million people on Instagram.

– “Change the wrong picture“-

Between joking and relaxing talking, Benzema revealed to his followers a different face, part of his world, and his passion: from hip-hop music with rappers Alonso and Lacrim, to humor with comedians Malik Bin Talha and Toma Nijjul.

In just two episodes, Benzema gained nearly a million views, with a peak of 130,000 live viewers.

What is the recipe for Benzema’s success in the virtual world? The size and commitment of “masses base”, but also the quality of its guests. In this respect, it is difficult for anyone to live up to his ideal “phenomenon” Ronaldo, the Brazilian who managed to host the head of the International Federation “FIFA” Swiss Jani Infantino and bring together his former English colleagues David Beckham, his countryman Roberto Carlos, Spanish goalkeeper Iker Casillas or Portuguese Luis Figo To remember the Galacticos era at the Royal Club.

From Portuguese to English, through Spanish or Italian, the Brazilian legend reassured the news of his former colleagues and their families as if he was making a private call, under the gaze of tens of thousands of people.

Intimate moments between yesterday’s colleagues, but it does not pass without sending the most important message of these difficult days: “Stay home” to combat the Covid-19 outbreak.

During a 24-hour “Khairy” broadcast on his channel on Twitch, the French striker for Barcelona, ​​Antoine Griezmann and his brother, Teo, exploited the video game “Call of Duty” in which the main video game players participated, to collect 29,200 euros for the Red Cross.

Most important of all, he revealed the true personality in front of the general public, because he is outside the “narrow lines” of the dialectical relationship with his countrymen Matteo Valbuena (the scandal of sexual tape and the blackmail of the latter) and Olivier Giroud (criticized the latter’s position in the French national team), revealed Benzema about his “frankness” and nature .

Using this tool, many professors at Caen Boris Hilo University said, “Many footballers aim to appear differently from the wrong image of a man who is just as kicking as a ball. They show that they have personality, fun spirit and opinion.”

Having become one of the most prominent victims of the season’s suspension, traditional TV programs now face another challenge, which is competition from the live broadcasts of social media platforms, which is especially popular with young people.

In this context, Hilo said, “Previously, the word athlete was heard only through the traditional press. Now, the situation has changed. Once the tournament resumes, it will be interesting to know if Benzema will say: (We had a good time! I will keep this meeting ).


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