Libya .. Haftar violates the “Corona Armistice” more than 180 times


Libya / Walid Abdullah / Anatolia

The forces of the Libyan National Accord government announced, on Saturday evening, that the militias of Khalifa Hifter, and the countries that support it, have committed more than 180 violations of the ceasefire since last March 21.

On this date, the militia of Haftar agreed to a humanitarian truce called for by the United Nations, so that the internationally recognized government of Al-Wefaq could focus on fighting the Corona virus.

Al-Wefaq spokesman, Muhammad Qanunu, said that the air force carried out more than seven hundred strikes in the first six months of the aggression on the capital, Tripoli (west), according to a statement by the “Libya Free” channel (especially).

On Saturday, Haftar militias completed a year of continuous assault to seize the capital, the seat of government, but have so far failed to achieve their goal.

Kanounou added that the air force had launched more than thirty-five raids in the past six days, targeting the Haftar militia, in the axes south of Tripoli, Al-Watiyah (west of Tripoli), Al-Urban (south of Tripoli), and Bogrin (east of Tripoli).

He added that the warplanes managed to target the supply routes between Al-Jafra and Bani Walid and Tarhuna, in addition to armed vehicles, launchers, mercenaries and support vehicles for the militias.

For years Libya has been plagued by armed conflict, as Haftar militias struggle for legitimacy and power in the oil-rich country.

On the first anniversary of the attack on Tripoli, Kanounou said, in a statement earlier on Saturday: “We call on the international community to shoulder its responsibilities by pursuing countries that support war criminal Hifter and his terrorist militias, and to stop ignoring his violations of laws and human rights, and to stop dealing with the criminal as A legitimate party to a political conflict. ”

The United Nations Mission in Libya, on Saturday, renewed its appeal to all parties to halt military operations and immediately implement the humanitarian truce, to allow the authorities to address the threat of Corona.

And Libya recorded, until Saturday, 17 infections, one recovered, and in total the virus infected more than one million and 190 thousand people in the world, of whom more than 64 thousand died, while more than 246 thousand recovered.

The UN mission added, in a statement, that the Haftar militia attack on Tripoli had killed 356 civilians and wounded 329 others as of March, as well as material damage.

The Haftar militias have also committed numerous violations of a truce that began, on the initiative of Turkey and Russia, on January 12, and then refused to respond to a resolution adopted by the UN Security Council, on the 12th of the following month, calling on all parties to observe a ceasefire.

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