Lexus grabs the attention of its fans with its most elegant and beautiful cars


Washington – Emirates Voice

Kidnapped “Lexus“The attention of fans of its vehicles is a car that I designed to be among the most beautiful four-wheel drive vehicles in the world, and I called its new vehicle the name LF-1 Limitless, and it provided it with a streamlined structure and a long introduction similar to that found in the new Infiniti four-wheel drive vehicles, and among the beauty elements that attract attention in this The Car Also the strange narrow lights that came together are V-shaped but placed horizontally.
Excellence and development were not lost on the cabin of this vehicle as well, it was provided with leather seats for 4 passengers designed to surround the passenger’s body in an excellent way that gives him a feeling of comfort during long trips, and each passenger was also allocated a sophisticated touch screen to watch videos and TV channels, as the rear seat passengers got an electronic board Touch through which you can control the sound, lighting, air conditioning and many other vehicle technologies.
Lexus has provided this vehicle with cabin air purification systems and electronic systems that automatically control its path in emergency situations to prevent accidents. It is assumed that this car will be launched next year with two types of engines with a torque of 416 and 600 hp, and a hybrid version of 354 horsepower may be launched.



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