Leipzig players pay the salaries of club employees


The players of the German Leipzig soccer team decided to waive a percentage of their salaries in order to help the club’s workers in the current crisis due to the spread of the new Corona virus (Covid-19).
A similar initiative was taken in a number of other clubs in the German league “Bundesliga”, as well as other European clubs such as Juventus, Italy and Barcelona.”We as a team want to play our role, a lot of people lose their jobs during this period and some are forced to work part-time. We as a team are, of course, happy because that did not become an imperative in Leipzig until Now, we want to contribute to maintaining this situation. ”

The Leipzig initiative, which is supported by the Red Bull energy drink company, follows a similar initiative by Austrian Red Bull Salzrug, which is supported by the company itself.

“In the current situation, this is a good and important sign for our team, it shows that in these times, we are joining together as a club to deal with such a critical stage together,” said club football director Markus Kreuzche.

Competitions will remain suspended in Germany until at least April 30, in light of the Corona virus epidemic.


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