Lebanon records 11 new cases of corona


Lebanon records 11 new cases of corona

Sunday – 19 Shaaban 1441 AH – 12 April 2020 AD

The streets of Lebanon are clear of pedestrians (AFP)

Beirut: «Middle East»

Sunday was recorded almost completely commitment to the curfew decision announced by the government on Sunday, 12 and 18 April in Lebanon, at a time when 11 new cases of Corona virus were recorded, while the Ministry of Health announced that the checks of all expatriates who arrived yesterday to Beirut are negative.
And Foreign Minister Nassif even announced that the first stage of evacuating the Lebanese will end on Monday and work will begin on the second stage. He said in a radio interview, that “4 planes will arrive Monday in Lebanon and on Tuesday there will be a process for evaluating the first stage and planning for the second stage.”
He even said that medical aid from Europe and China has reached Lebanon, pointing to the presence of donations, some directly and others through the World Health Organization, to provide what Lebanon needs.
In its daily report, the Ministry of Health announced that the number of people with corona in Lebanon increased to 630 after registering 11 new cases, noting that the checks carried out by the 123 passengers, who arrived yesterday on the next flight from Kuwait, were negative.
The same is true with regard to the planes that arrived from Dubai, Luanda and Rome. The first had 126 passengers on board, the second had 148 passengers, and the third had 122 passengers, as all checks were negative, according to the statement.
This came at a time when there was a remarkable commitment to the decision to curfew in Lebanon as part of the procedures to confront the Corona epidemic, and the streets of the regions were clear of cars except for the public ones and those exempted from this decision. The army, security forces, and municipal police also patrolled the streets.


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