Lebanon enters the stage of direct exposure to the Corona virus


Hadeel Farfour wrote in Al-Akhbar:

Four deaths have been recorded during the past 24 hours with the new Corona virus, according to Ministry of Health figures, bringing the total number of deaths to 16.

When the virus began to spread, the cause of death was attributable to the symptoms of diseases that people were suffering from. “But we are finally seeing direct deaths from the virus. And we are witnessing direct contact between the virus and the lung cells, ”according to relevant medical sources, pointing out that seven deaths were due to“ the virus’s direct control of the lungs, either due to old age or a lack of immunity. ”».
Although the “health” figures indicated yesterday that 15 of the 16 deaths out of the owners were suffering from chronic diseases (seven of them over seventy), this does not mean that the death, in all these cases, is caused by the exacerbation of the symptoms of chronic diseases, There are even causes directly related to exposure to the virus. This means “we entered the stage of direct exposure to the virus,” according to the same sources. This would “reassure” the reassurance that was reflected in the limited number of injuries recorded during the past days. The Corona meter was closed yesterday, on 494 cases, after only 15 new injuries were recorded among the 539 examinations conducted in the past 24 hours..

The administration of the Rafic Hariri University Hospital announced in the evening that three cases of recovery were the same, bringing the number of recovery cases to 46, which makes the number of those currently infected with the virus 432 people, three of them in critical condition.
Perhaps more of the level of anxiety is the behavior of “turning away” from the domestic stone, which has recently emerged in the various Lebanese regions that witnessed “semi-normal” traffic. This is what prompted Prime Minister Hassan Diab yesterday to threaten “harsh and harsh” measures, according to what Minister of Information Manal Abdel Samad quoted after the end of the government session. Diab pointed out that «national challenges require a maximum level of quarantine».

20% Of cases without symptoms

«The National Operations Room for Disaster Management “indicated that 20.5% of cases infected with the Corona virus” have no symptoms “, while 71.39% of them are moderate and light, and 8.46% are critical. Yesterday, the Chamber’s report indicated that 54% of the infected are female, while the age group between 20 and 29 years is still the most infected with the virus (23.13).%).
The Al-Matn district is still at the forefront of the list of casualties (104), followed by Beirut (93), Fesrouan (64). The number of people subject to stone in the regions reached 1188, 357 of them in Mount Lebanon Governorate, followed by Akkar (344), and the North (237).).
To date, the National Committee for the Prevention of Preventive Measures and Measures to Corona Virus agreed to allocate 23 isolation centers in the regions, ten of which are in Mount Lebanon Governorate, five in Akkar, five in the Bekaa, one in the South and two in the North.
In addition, the government decided to form an emergency committee tasked with developing a preventive plan in the face of Corona in prisons, and also approved a draft decree aimed at “exempting the medical supplies used to confront Corona”, bearing in mind that the import of used medical supplies was previously prohibited..
The president of the Medical Supplies Importers Association, Salma Assi, said in connection with “Al-Akhbar” that a number of financial transfers intended for importing some of the medical equipment that was pending had been transferred, “while the mechanism of importing medical supplies designated for the Corona virus is still awaiting resolution of tender offers at the Ministry of Health During the next two days».


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