Lebanon collapses politically and financially … and signs of chaos


The government of Hassan Diab is playing on the edge of the abyss. The seventy disasters that the prime minister spoke of will increase further in the coming days. It is no longer possible to talk about plans and stability. The insane rise in the dollar price, heralds the outbreak of economic, social and living crises … and perhaps security. The government is entering a race against time. Between their longevity and the outbreak of crises, the price of the dollar and the illusion of getting aid. The different Lebanese arenas boil over conflicting and conflicting international intervention pages.

Basil .. to control the banking sector
All indications are that the entire face of the region will change in the coming months. Lebanon cannot be separated from Syria. The loud fall of the Lebanese pound is not far from the collapse of its “sister” in Syria. Lebanon will follow the same path, in light of the hint about the possibility of the dollar reaching more than 10 or 15 thousand pounds, as long as there is no ability to curb it. The financial crisis, I attended a meeting between the Governor of the Banque du Liban, Riad Salama, Prime Minister Hassan Diab, and Minister of Finance Ghazi Wazni. Then Salama met with President of the Republic Michel Aoun. To search for generalizations issued by the governor of the Central Bank.

Between the discussion on generalizations, attempts to work to resolve the crisis of financial appointments, and agreeing on a formula satisfactory to all, whose aim will be to surround the work of the Governor of the Bank of Lebanon more. The president of the Free Patriotic Movement, Gibran Bassil, goes much further, is preparing a case file for Riyad Salama, and is preparing to stand trial. There is a critical trend in Basil that Salama must be removed and control of the Lebanese financial sector. There is no doubt that such a step would require massive American interventions, foreshadowing more harsh steps, unless the ruling team in Lebanon reached an understanding with the Americans and normalized financial and political relations. This is not currently visible.

Search for a burnt ram and for France
No one has a clear vision of what the coming days will be. All that is said about serious and effective political opposition falls within the context of non-serious and non-real words. There is no clear plan for the opposition, and no plan for loyalists. The government is afflicted with a terminal illness. The jar is broken between its pillars, especially between Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri and Prime Minister Hassan Diab. The meeting between Diab and Ali Hassan Khalil will not change the scene, but may only calm the atmosphere, but it will not solve the problem. There is no absolute chemistry between Berri Diab, just as chemistry is completely lost between Berri and the Covenant.

Everyone is looking for a “burnt ram” to hold him responsible for what is going on. That ram will have to be chosen political calculations. Some parties are turning towards banks, which will face direct field threats due to their actions. Others point arrows towards the Governor of the Bank of Lebanon. And a third party assigns responsibility to the opposing forces, specifically the socialist, the future, the forces, and the Amal movement. Each side seeks an international initiative that supports it. The government and the Covenant are betting on France, its role and the activities of its ambassador on the local scene. Bruno Foucher, admired by the Iranian experience and constantly connected with Hezbollah, is very keen on the government of Diab. It provides it with all means of support, advice and guidance, and stresses that the economic plan must be completed as soon as possible, so the government may succeed in obtaining some aid. French support for the Michel Aoun era continues.

Fuchsia Diab met twice within three days. The main objective of the two meetings was to discuss the financial plan and the necessity of achieving it, with France stressing the need to maintain stability. In exchange for the French position, the American ambassador is active on the ground, supported by a new escalation by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who considers that there is no aid to Lebanon except by meeting the demands of the Lebanese people, achieving real reforms and adopting the principle of transparency, and that Hezbollah does not benefit politically and financially from the Lebanese state. . The coming days will carry further escalation, and moves.


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