Lebanese mobile device to examine Corona .. tested every 7 minutes and the idea impressed “World Health” (video and photos)


In a notable development, the two brothers, Nizar and Basil Malaeb, succeeded in designing a mobile platform to screen people suspected of developing the new Coronavirus.

According to a report published by “Al-Modon”, this innovation is the first of its kind in Lebanon, which is a sterile and fortified industrial room, with a transparent eyebrow, hands openings and special gloves that prevent direct contact between the health worker who is taking the sample and the person being examined, that A period of 7 minutes is separated from examination to another, so the platform can auto-sterilize.
In the details, the brothers Basil and Nizar Malaeb worked together to create this platform. The first, who specializes in bacterial diseases in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, contacted with his brother Nizar in Lebanon and conveyed the idea to him.

Speaking to Al-Modon, Nizar Malaeb – who works as a ready-made house designer and is currently a volunteer in the crisis cell in his town of Bayssour – said that the innovative platform contributes to reducing the use of personal protective equipment, especially the highly-efficient respiratory mask that has become difficult to provide in quantities required locally and globally “.

He added, “The platform will reduce congestion in waiting places and in hospitals. Ambulances and mobile clinics can be equipped with a mobile examination platform. The platform can be easily located in any location dedicated to examining corona, such as government and private hospitals, field centers, and at the airport,” stressing that innovation Conforms to global standards set by the World Health Organization. According to the “Cities” report, Nizar faces a challenge in designing more platforms because of the difficulty in securing the materials needed to complete them, due to the high dollar exchange rate, the closure of shops and the absence of price controls. Despite this, he has designed, under the supervision of his brother, a number of them so far. “Since we suspected 14 cases in Baysour, we have been wondering what we can do to support the medical teams. We have not started implementing the idea of ​​the platform in order to profit, it is an initiative in the name of the town to help the medical teams,” Malaeb said.

Malaab is waiting for a delegation from the World Health Organization, who contacted the two brothers and asked to see the platform and examine it, to request a quantity from it soon. Malaeb received a delegation a few days ago from the Rafic Hariri Governmental Hospital, after the hospital administration welcomed the idea, to be adopted in the coming days. The two brothers insist on presenting the first platform a gift to the Rafic Hariri Hospital, in the name of the municipality of Bayssour, as a token of appreciation for the heroes of the first human defense in the battle of life with the epidemic.
Nizar Malaab appeals to the Minister of Health to review as soon as possible the project, given its importance at this stage and its support in order to be able to design new quantities, according to the “Cities” report.


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