Lebanese media men wounded with Coved 19 .. “My great shock”


Source: Event.net

The Lebanese media, Nadia Bassat, expressed her great shock after it was confirmed that her two children, Atef and Tamara, were infected with the new Corona virus.

She said in an interview with “Al-Hadath”, “that she has two feet from two countries that are epidemics of epidemic in Europe, France and Spain, and when they arrived in Beirut and undergo Covid test 19 the result was positive.”

She confirmed that she did not expect to be hit, and described it as a “great shock.”

In turn, each of Atef, who came from Madrid and Tamara, who came from Paris, spoke, and said that they had been moved from Rafic Hariri Hospital to the house, but in health isolation now because they underwent a test whose first result was negative, and therefore they must be isolated at home for 14 days, until the next examination is done for them. Make sure they are free of the virus.

For her part, Tamara confirmed that she had not seen her mother in 6 months.

She talked about the symptoms of the epidemic and said that it was initially a pain in the throat and heaviness in the legs, but without coughing or heat, as doctors ruled out her infection of Corona, to be diagnosed later with Coved 19.

In addition, the Lebanese media said that it is communicating with Atef and Tamara through the “video” applications to see them, and she said, “We have months of seeing only some through video communications and my heart is crying out for them.”

This was Nadia, who wrote a tweet on Twitter, upon learning of an injury to her two sons, and she said, “There is no doubt that it is one of the most difficult experiences of life. My two sons arrived in Lebanon each country and the corona examination revealed that they are carrying the virus, so they met in a hospital room after they were seen off six months ago.”

“The doctor prevented them from kissing and submerging them, but they were together in the heart and soon, God willing, they will win the disease permanently.”


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