Lebanese football rushes to the aid of “Corona victims”


It was not possible to talk about the financial crises in Lebanese sport without stopping or starting from football. This game, which most of its clubs lived from “widow fils” in the recent past seasons, where it became difficult for them to secure their budgets, used to green and then rise.She knew an exceptional situation by freezing her activity since last October, and then the Corona epidemic prolonged to eliminate the remaining hopes for the resumption of the season that ended practically before it started, as it did not take a few stages since the start of the going stage until the official suspension of the competitions came out without back.
During that period, the clubs tried to compensate through friendly matches and tournaments as much as the security situation allowed them to be established. However, in the time of the “Corona” matters differed, as it became impossible for a healthy training session to be held even, and the players lived in a terrible vacuum, during which they searched for the best ways to stay in the atmosphere of sports and to maintain contact with the popular football base.
Since this is the time for aid, initiatives and solidarity, everyone felt national responsibility, based on donations made by Adiyeh presidents to help the needy and keep pace with the work and support of the medical body. Then, this responsibility was withdrawn from clubs that felt a national duty towards what is happening, and Al-Najma club was proactive when its president, Asad Saqal, announced that he was putting the club’s stadium at the disposal of the Lebanese government in case it needed space to accommodate the injured and affected by the new virus.
A step that comes in the image of those undertaken by many clubs around the world, particularly in Europe, where its stadiums, hotels and headquarters provided a service to the community. After all, sports clubs carry a social message as well.
It is the message that prompted the invading youth club to launch an initiative, the first of its kind on the local scene, by distributing food rations in the southern town. The initiative of this club is exceptional for many reasons, the first of which is that a number of its players and members of the administration (about 15 people) volunteered to distribute the shares to the people of Ghaziyeh and a number of athletes in the town that includes more than 50 thousand people. Add that this initiative comes at a difficult time experienced by the club, which was not implicitly interested in the return of the season, because of its knowledge in advance that he would struggle to find funding, after the economic crisis that rocked the country.

A number of invaders and administrative players volunteered to distribute aid to those in need

The Secretary of the Ghaziyeh Youth Secretary Ali Hassoun explains in connection with Al-Akhbar how to secure this aid, saying: “Everyone felt responsible by virtue of their knowledge of the reality of living in the town. Since the activity was stopped, it was necessary to keep the group spirit by creating another kind of activity, which is to provide food rations to those who need them. ” He continued, “The contribution was broad from expatriates who wanted to stand by the people of their region in these difficult circumstances in which they live, and we grabbed this contribution and showed it as we see fit, and so that we can serve our society and our surroundings.”
There is no doubt that the invading initiative, which will continue as long as there is a continuation of support and donation to move its engine, will open the door to other sports clubs in Lebanon by motivating them to help as much as possible, through the benefit of each club from its popular base that may include people who need help But there are also people who are ready to provide support as possible.

Players in the field
Speaking of expatriates, the peace player Zgharta and former star Omar Zein Al-Din from Al-Muhajir, who currently resides in Belgium, have launched an initiative aimed at helping the needy in Denniyeh.
Zainuddin says about his initiative: “I contacted colleagues in Lebanon to collect a sum of money, but in reality it seemed difficult for them to help, and I understand this, as they are ultimately without work and without salaries at the moment, and maybe he needs Some of them are already helping. ” He added: “From here, the initiative turned into a family, which includes our village in Denniyeh, by providing food rations and delivering them to people who are currently living in conditions, through people who donated the value of at least three rations.”
From the deadly emptiness in the domestic stone, the former Al-Ahly player Saida Mustafa Gamal came out to launch an initiative that would operate and benefit those in need in these exceptional circumstances. The initiative revolves around the donation of the people he names in a challenge to convert dollars into two cellular numbers, and the amount will be spent later to buy food rations.

Invading Youth Club launched an initiative the first of its kind on the local scene (Karim Al Sayed)

“The beautiful thing is that this initiative, which was widely quoted and quoted by many, was welcomed by many stars in Lebanese football, who created videos that challenged others to follow the same path,” Jamal said. He pointed out that some people, whose identity is unknown, also responded to the calls and entered the website of my cell phone company, where they transferred significant amounts of money that would undoubtedly help in strengthening the campaign.
Jamal concludes by stressing that his initiative will be translated on the ground in various Lebanese regions, not exclusively in Sidon, through cooperation and coordination with some charitable societies and owners of previous initiatives who provided him with regulations bearing the names of all those in need.
So, football is again in the arena of challenging the odds, and in Lebanon the game meets again with its international description, which was translated by the President of the Swiss International Federation, Gianni Infantino, recently by saying: “We played an additional weapon in the hands of the world to fight the epidemic and eliminate it.”


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