Lebanese drama stars stuck abroad due to Corona


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Elaf from Beirut: With the suspension of air traffic in most of the countries of the world, a number of drama stars in Lebanon found themselves unable to return their paths to their motherland. Most of them traveled abroad to participate in filming scenes of Ramadan series episodes and commented there.

Some of these stars are still photographing, and a second segment of them lives a stone period in the hotel rooms where they stay, after the production companies that cooperate with them made a decision to stop filming operations. Among the dramas that are depicted outside Lebanon are “hitting the sand”, “the bride of Beirut”, “a boy and a girl”, and “your share affects you” and others.

In Lebanon, the matter was settled three weeks ago, and the cameras stopped rotating, following a decision by the artists’ unions. Today, the dramatic production companies demanded to stop their activities until further notice due to the spread of the Corona virus. Ramadan business stars such as “The Magician”, “The Sculptor”, “My Mother’s Lover”, “Adam’s Children”, “Laceel” and others returned to their homes. Some of these works had been completed with the filming process as “My Fi 2” series, which is produced by Al-Sabah Brothers Company.

Some other production companies that perform photocopies in Arab countries have kept the agenda of filming episodes of their series with the utmost caution and prevention.

Rita Harb

Rita Harb found herself stuck in the Saudi city of Al-Qassim, where she had been there for nearly 90 days to photograph the Gulf series “Beating the Sand”. After implementing a number of action scenes, the series’ team, including actors and others, had to stop filming after the kingdom imposed strict preventive measures in the country to curb the spread of the epidemic.

Rita Harb, in an interview with Asharq Al-Awsat, says: “In the beginning I had a great fear, especially since I was found here alone, away from my family, and I had a long crying cry. Then I decided to override the matter and wait for relief, like other members of the work team, until I return to Lebanon. ” “In the first period since the epidemic began, we were doing our work naturally,” Rita Harb said in her interview for Asharq Al-Awsat. Then the situation developed and we were forced to stone ourselves in light of the curfew decision, which was taken by the Saudi authorities. Currently I am locked in the hotel, I move between the bedroom and the sitting, do some sports, watch the news and read other times. ” “Like everyone else, I first started shocked, and then I adapted to my condition,” she concluded. I feel great longing for my friends, my home, my belongings, and every detail of my diary in my country. And because I bear all my responsibilities, I had to stay here until the end of filming (sand beating), especially since I am between my family in my second country, Saudi Arabia, and when I accomplish my mission, I will not hesitate to return to Lebanon. ”

Wissam Hanna, Jesse Abdo and Abbas Jaafar

Among the representatives who are also stranded in the United Arab Emirates are Wessam Hanna, Jesse Abdo and Abbas Jaafar. The latter comments: “The first thing that I learned was that I would not return to Beirut in light of the conditions we live in during the time of (Corona) I felt sad that I would be away from my family and my homeland. But like other colleagues, I controlled and resisted my feelings, bearing the responsibility of the task that I have to do, which is ending my scenes in the comic series “Boy and Girl”, produced by AC Media. In his interview with Asharq Al-Awsat, Abbas Jafar continues: “(Corona) and the comedy can never be agreed, and therefore I face a great difficulty in photography and the process of my performance that requires me in these circumstances a double effort.” I hope that this crisis will end and I will return to my country soon, safe and sound. ”

Actress Jesse Abdo, who is also stuck in the United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi), has posted videos on social media about the sterilization process used in the filming locations of the series “Your Nose Takes You”, produced by the company (MR7), by Moufid Al-Rifai, which will be shown next Ramadan. In the video, Jessie presented strict and precise measures that the producing company, under the supervision of a medical team, is taking in compliance with the UAE’s safeguard rules. She says in an interview with “Asharq Al-Awsat”: “The process of filming the series is still taking place with a sterilization process that affects us personally and includes places and furniture during filming imposed on us by the Emirates. Therefore, our presence here is a necessity to accomplish the Ramadan work, “Your share befalls you.” There is no doubt that we live in difficult circumstances away from our homes and our people, but our commitment to our responsibility requires us to stay here in the time of (Corona). “And when I don’t have scenes that I photograph, I put myself in my hotel room, applying the rule of social mixing as much as possible.”

Artists live in different places in which they are present today, the same feelings of longing and longing for their country, Lebanon, and their families in it. Most of them indicate that she would have preferred, under these circumstances, to be in her home and among her loved ones. This is confirmed by actress Takla Shimon, who has been stuck outside Lebanon for some time. She says in an interview with Asharq Al-Awsat: “I feel as if I am living the events of a fictional movie in light of the spread of the (Corona) epidemic across the globe. This period may be a life-time in which we must draw closer to spiritual values, especially as we all face and without exception the danger of death. “Perhaps the most important thing that this virus has accomplished on humans is the discovery of the latter the extent of the absurdity of a lifestyle that he was living with an agenda full of moves and activities that do not end and stop suddenly without prior warning,” she said. She added, “I feel fear when I am outside my country because my country, my home, and my family are safe for me, which I subconsciously miss in my time away from Lebanon. It is true that we are honored guests to the last extent here, and the producing company did not lack anything for us to spend the period of our stone in a comfortable atmosphere, but I undoubtedly wish to return soon to my country. ”


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