Leaks confirm the new iPhone will be the size of the iPad smartphone


04/13 23:21

The next Apple flagship smartphone may look more like a classic iPhone 5 than the current iPhone 11 Pro, according to Mark Gurman of Bloomberg USA.

The upcoming devices will reportedly have flat steel edges instead of curved edges and pack a flat, full body screen, in other words, imagine the current iPad with much smaller bezels and shrink it to the size of a smartphone.

This latest report is in line with previous rumors that the iPhone 2020 may look like the iPhone 4, which has a glass back but is similar to the iPhone 5, and this

It also makes sense for Apple to coordinate iPhone and iPad designs, because Apple smartphones are to be largely redesigned.

The following Pro models will reportedly feature three rear cameras, while lower-end devices will have two cameras, and Apple also plans to introduce a 3D system

The largest model will have a 6.5-inch screen, and Apple is said to be looking to reduce or remove the large notch for the iPhone 11, and it is reported that all next-generation phones will reportedly have much faster processors, especially for AI and AR functions.

Bloomberg reports that Apple is also apparently working on the cheapest HomePod speaker that can arrive this year, along with Apple tags that will help you track your keys and other things.


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