Lawyer of the dead man at Nancy Ajram’s house withdraws from the case … and the reasons are revealed


In a surprising news, Rehab Bitar, the lawyer of the dead man, Mohammed Al-Mousa, announced the withdrawal from the case, and said that, in order to preserve her name and position, she announced this withdrawal, stating that she will return to devoting attention to humanitarian issues and human rights.

Bitar explained that the reasons for her withdrawal from the case of the murderer of Nancy Ajram’s house are due to several reasons, the most important of which is the attempt by some people to discredit her image in various forms and many accusations.

She stated that the last of these accusations was her accusation of destroying the case, noting that she did not fail in relation to her duties as a lawyer in this case, and she added that what she presented to this case was that she was a human being before she was a lawyer.

Bitar said she did not expect that the day would come when she would withdraw from this case in which she defended the weaker party, explaining that the response that she had received was in a bad form and picture of her and what she provided.

Bitar, as a lawyer, responded to all the accusations that she described as invalid and did not mention them and that were brought to her for herself as a matter of priority. She is the first to respond to these accusations that have affected her name and standing when she received this case and to defend Muhammad Al-Musa, the murderer of the house of the artist Nancy Ajram.

Bitar also asked everyone who tried to discredit her image through these false accusations to appear to the public and present evidence that he had towards him in order to prove the validity of his accusations or will appear as a loser.

Bitar also confirmed that she would go to court if he did not show who accused her publicly, pointing out that by withdrawing this from the case she wishes in the future to reveal the truth and reveal the identity of who sold the case and will sell it and cause its destruction to the public.

She thanked all those who followed her and all those who supported her and stood by the right to the case of Muhammad Al-Mousa, and wished everyone to pray for her in order to continue to give in this ordeal to be a bond next to all those who are tired and cannot ask for help.


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