Laporta wants to run for the presidency of Barcelona


Source: Barcelona – France Press

The former Barcelona club president, Juan Laporta, has expressed his desire to run again for this position, in light of an administrative crisis experienced by the Catalan club.

Laporta took over the Barcelona presidency between 2003 and 2010, in a golden period during which he won the Champions League twice, and is still very popular with his supporters.

“We must regain the prestige of the club. I am gathering people to present a project. I feel more and more excited,” Laporta said in an interview with “Ghoul” on YouTube.

“I will decide at the end of this year or next year,” said the lawyer, who also fought political fights in the Spanish province, who has always demanded independence.

The mandate of incumbent President Josep Maria Bartomeo expires in the summer of 2021, but his administration faces great difficulties and six of its members have resigned, most notably his deputy, Amelie Rousseau, who demanded early elections.

The club’s corridors also witnessed a campaign by the Argentine captain Lionel Messi against the French sports director Eric Abidal, who criticized the players, for not standing with the article coach Ernesto Valverde before hiring Kiki Cittin.

The club also found itself last February in the midst of a scandal after press reports that a public relations company used it, to criticize through social media sites for current and former players, such as Messi, Gerard Pique and former coach Pep Guardiola, in addition to candidates for the club presidency, and to stand behind a campaign Through these sites to polish the image of the current president.

Laporta, 58, spoke of the club’s finances: “Barcelona is the club of the three billionaires: one billion in revenue, one billion in expenditures and one billion in debt. We must think very well how to turn the club’s unstable economic situation, where it appears that the expected revenue may not be reached.”

“It is a project I am thinking of. It is possible that we will present a credible proposal that will help improve the institutional image of Barcelona,” he added about his upcoming candidacy.


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