Kylie Jenner’s most beautiful looks after her on the throne of the list of billionaires


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Magazine published “ForbesList of world billionaires for the year 2020, and named the magazine a reality TV star and businesswoman Kylie Jenner She is 22 years old as the youngest billionaire for the second year in a row. This rating came as Kylie built her cosmetic brand and did not inherit it. After selling 51% of the company’s shares, it estimated its business at $ 1.2 billion, and still owns the other 49% of its stake. And Kylie is among 2,095 around the world with a wealth of 10 numbers. By the way, we collected but the most beautiful Kylie Jenner looks. Kylie is the younger sister of the Kardashian-Jenner family, and her looks have grown enormously over the years. From coordinating her outfits with her sister Candle to her brilliance in a special style that is bold on the red carpet and on the occasions in which she participates.

Kylie grabbed the spotlight at the Met Gala party last year with an innovative look from Atelier Versace in purple with a fishtail cut and mesh fabric in addition to the feathers that decorated the sleeves and hem of the dress. And in 2016 I caught the attention of the silver block Block by Balmain. In a modern look at the Grammy party, she sparkled with a light-pink bare-colored jumpsuit with open-shoulders and a sleek and geometric sleeveless cut, coordinated with a wide belt in white and silver, along with the long dresses that sparkle at the occasions, Kylie chooses short youthful and trendy dresses. Her fashions are signed by a number of fashion houses, such as Nicolas Gibran, Balmain and other brands.

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