Kuwaiti newspaper newspaper “Disney” crosses the threshold of 50 million subscribers around the world


Disney’s streaming platform has 50 million subscribers worldwide, five months after its launch in the United States and two weeks after its arrival in Europe.

“We are honored that Disney appeals to millions of people, and this bodes well for our future expansion in Western Europe, Japan and throughout Latin America later this year,” Kevin Meyer, a Disney official, said in a press release.

Disney launched in November in North America, the Netherlands, Australia and New Zealand. For a few dollars or euros a month, it provides access to original programs, more than 500 movies and thousands of series.

In early February, the platform had more than 28 million subscribers, exceeding its own expectations, according to former company chief Bob Eiger.

The platform has been launched over the past two weeks in the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Austria and Switzerland.

The statement did not address “Covid 19”, which prompted authorities in many countries to force their residents to stay in homes to limit the spread of the virus.

The time people spend on social networks and entertainment platforms has increased since half of people were trapped in their homes.

“Disney” has entered a fierce competition with international platforms such as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime Video by launching a special broadcast service under the name “Disney Plus”, and this platform will show all the films produced by the company 90 years ago until now, in addition to the films and series of Disney that were shown Previously on the Netflix network, as well as exclusive new offers for “Disney Plus”.

Disney Plus will feature all old Disney releases, in addition to the latest movies and exclusive TV series, and all Pixar, Marvel Studios and Star Wars films will be shown on the platform.

In addition to Disney offers suitable for families of all ages, Disney Plus will offer exclusive offers from National Geographic upon launch.

And with the exclusive films that will be shown by “Disney Plus” and the large number of films that will be shown on the platform upon launch, there are a number of new films that will be shown for the first time exclusively on the Disney Plus platform, including: Noelle, a Christmas movie starring Anna Kendrick and Bill Hader, and Lady and the Tramp. Which will be a live, live version of the classic CGI movie, The Mandalorian which is a 10-episode TV series that hasn’t been revealed much detail about, and The Imagineering Story which is a series of “National Geographic” raises interesting questions about this planet, and Magic Camp which is a family comedy About Summer Camp, and Timmy Failure which is a film based on the Children’s Book Series Famous for bearing the same name, and Stargirl a film based on the novel by young adults with the same name.


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