Kuwaiti actress Haya Al-Shuaibi replied: “I did not use the donation funds for my benefit.”


distance Accusations Which I followed her finally, She replied The artist Kuwaiti Come on Al-Shuaibi On From claimed It as She did To steal Donations Which Done Collected From Yes Help Needy And those affected From crisis virus Sk.

And she said: “I I have Group Kuwaiti women and this is The thing first Once I am saying it because we We help People.. I swear And a book my Lord I From Financial And my account Free Forearm People.. What needy Send me And me send Make sure it’s a needy And we communicate with him We were fed“.

She added: “Before Cam day at People You sold me it’s a at Artists Donors And me What One more Their money I swear we From Waxing We look And pronounce the doors And we give.. And we are What One end Give us Thing Nor Taking From One Thing I With me From free Financial“.

And she followed: “I What I focus On Comments gesticulate Infield Shriveled People at Bali.. because I am who Shriveled we Lina Our history And our art And our comedy From Years Why Shave You got out Speak.. Oh group People Shriveled Mu From us Nor We


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