Kingdom Channel – Chelsea chooses not to reduce the players ’salaries and demands that they donate


Chelsea Football Club announced Saturday that it will not impose a reduction in salaries for its players, but called on them to continue donating to charities committed to fighting the emerging Corona virus.

“At the moment, we will not ask the first team of men to contribute financially (to the Coffed Crisis-19), instead the board directed the players to focus their efforts on continuing to support other charitable causes,” the London club said in a statement.

Chelsea said that “intense negotiations took place recently between representatives of the Board of Directors and the players of the first team to discuss how to contribute financially to assist the club during the Corona virus crisis.” Charity. “

“We are grateful to the team for playing their role in helping the club in its community and charitable activities, hashtag # players together to support NHS (British National Health Authority).”

The # players together process launched by the Premier League players early this month aims to collect and distribute funds to charities that support the National Health Authority.

The London club highlighted that “with the development of this crisis, the club will continue to hold talks with the men’s first team regarding financial contributions to the club’s activities.”

Chelsea was planning to cut the salaries of its players by 10 percent at first sight, according to the British media, which is less than the proposal made by the League and to reduce salaries by 30 percent.

Arsenal, Southampton, West Ham United and Watford have announced in recent weeks that they have reached an agreement with their players to reduce or postpone the payment of their salaries.

On the other hand, Chelsea announced that it will not force its non-player employees to partial unemployment and use public funds to pay their salaries within the framework of the British government support plan in light of the Corona virus crisis, which means taking advantage of public funds to cover 80% of the salaries of non-players, a maximum of 2500 pounds (about three thousand US dollars), in order for the clubs to keep their employees in a period witnessing a sharp decline in revenues due to the suspension of matches.

Only Newcastle and Norwich City between the English Premier League teams benefit from the government support plan, while Liverpool, Tottenham and Bournemouth clubs were forced to back down from their decision to resort to this plan after the widespread criticism that took place, while local health authorities need all possible resources to combat the “Covid – 19 “.



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