Khashoggi fiancee calls on the English Premier League to stop Saudi Arabia’s acquisition of Newcastle


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Khashoggi’s fiancée called on the English Premier League to stop Saudi Arabia’s acquisition of Newcastle

Khadija Genghis, the fiancée of the murdered Saudi journalist and dissident, Jamal Khashoggi, has appealed to the English Football Association (Premier League) not to allow the sale of Newcastle to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to be completed.

Khashoggi was assassinated at his country’s consulate in Istanbul by what the kingdom described B“Rogue assassins.”

Western intelligence services believe that it was the Saudi Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman, who issued the order to carry out the assassination, but the latter denied this.

Media reports stated that the Saudi Investment Fund – headed by the Saudi Crown Prince, Prince Muhammad bin Salman, intends to invest 300 One million pounds sterling ($ 370 million) to buy 80% of the shares of the club that participates in the Premier League.

Genghis’ lawyers have demanded a halt to the completion of the deal because of accusations about Bin Salman.

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Reports indicate that the Saudi Investment Fund intends to purchase a 80 percent stake in Newcastle

What do we know about the deal?

The businessman owns it, Mike Ashley, Newcastle Club, Since 2007, Andmay be Offered for sale, The year 2017.

It is believed, Wa scaleCapacity, The Saudi acquisition is worth 300 million pounds, but it is It caused a lot of controversy.

Saudi Arabia faces charges of stealing the rights of ArZ games (Premier League) in the Middle East.

AndAmnesty International criticized the deal for the kingdom’s human rights record.

Opponents of the deal accused the kingdom b“Using sports to wash her reputation” And Exploit Major sporting events and championships to embellish Her picture.

But Saudi Arabia rejects these accusationsToil that Her wish at completion this deal Come under Program targeting Promotion of exercise Sports among its citizens.

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Muhammad bin Salman: The killing of Khashoggi is a heinous crime and I bear full responsibility for it

What did Khadija say?

Transfer Khadija ‘s bar team, In a letter they addressed to Richard Masters, Executive Director For the English Premier League, about her To say that “On Premier League to block this dealShe added, “This is the right and legal decision that the association must take in light of.”The hideous assassination of Khashoggi. ”

The letter added that he should not be there Foot position at the ball aNoEnglish for anyone involved Like These hideous acts. “

“The reputation of football aNoGenerally English will be sullied, Because ofIts connection Who committed the most horrific crime?, And they want to bleach their reputation Across Using football aNoEnglish at Improve their image and hide their transgressions. “


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