Khaled Al-Nabawi threatens to retire because of Reham Hajjaj


Elaf from Beirut: Khaled Al-Nabawy revealed the details of the dispute over the poster for the series “When We were Young”, which he is co-starring with Reham Hajjaj and Mahmoud Hamida, due to be shown during the month of Ramadan.

Where the poster of the series sparked controversy in the press circles and among the audience of social networking sites, after the artist Reham Hajjaj led the poster of the work and behind it «Khaled Al Nabawi and Mahmoud Hamida». Which aroused the ire of some, because of the smallness of Hajjaj’s artistic experience compared to Al-Nabawi and Hamida.

This prompted Al-Nabawi to send a message to his fans on his Facebook page, in response to what he described as a “smear campaign.”

The following is the text of the message:

In the name of of Allah the Merciful..

(I am not used to talking about something about the scenes of my profession during implementation in order to work mainly, because I know that people are busy with what is most important.

I apologize this time and it will be the last because I owe it to the public and my family, and to this great profession, and because I am subjected to a deliberate smear campaign that has no basis for what you claim in every letter on social media and through some technical magazines and some websites that publish news about me, and these news are all completely bare of health. . I make it clear that I did not and do not agree with the methods of advertising on the streets, on social media, and any media that is read, audio or written.

I informed Mr. Al-Producer of my disapproval, who in turn informed me that this propaganda was not carried out by his company and that he knew nothing about it and that it would be corrected immediately and unfortunately it has not happened yet.

I have spoken a lot with Mr. Captain, the cast, about my severe misrepresentation, and that I do not agree to any propaganda that was published permanently, and that my contract does not provide for this, but quite the opposite.

My contract contains full respect for the one who is greater than me, art and age … and has full respect for my art and my name .. as well as the principles and customs that do not agree to that as well ..

The respected producer promised me to implement the advertising materials for his company to correct the image and all the errors that occurred .. I hope, God willing, that will happen soon. Just as the Honorable Mr., the Captain of the Actors also promised me.

In the end, I say to those who blame me for love, or those who have longed for hatred, good or bad, there are certainly greater officials than me for correcting the inverted pyramid, because no one can alone. And since no one is responsible alone, it seems to me at the moment that it is clear that retirement is the solution.

So as not to leave room for gossip .. There are no personal differences between me and all my colleagues.

I hope everyone will be careful before he makes any word without verifying its authenticity so as not to harm people wrong.

The word is a trust that God will hold us accountable for .. And so as not to leave room for gossip, the facts will be published successively .. and everything will be announced to the public at the time ..

Peace and love for everyone and every year and everyone is fine ..

After the Prophet’s wrath, the Egyptian satellite channel Al-Hayat issued an urgent statement to deny that it caused the crisis of the series “When We Was Young”, stressing that it did not put a special design that highlights the artist, Reham Hajjaj, at the expense of the two stars Khaled Al Nabawi and Mahmoud Hamida, but she received the propaganda materials from the producing company and published them as they had arrived. This puts the producing company in a crisis in front of the stars of the series, especially as it yesterday disavowed these posters and issued a new poster that guarantees the status of the Prophet and Hamida.

The Al-Hayat satellite statement restored the crisis of arranging the stars Reham Hajjaj, Khaled Al-Nabawi and Mahmoud Hamida on the official poster to square zero, and put them all facing the producing company, where the statement confirmed that Khaled Al-Nabawi’s statements related to advertising the series included false information about making Al-Hayat channel, which has broadcast rights for private propaganda without reference Of the producing company.

Hazem Shafiq, the head of Al-Hayat channel, added: We are proud of the presence of the artist Khaled Al-Nabawi on the screen of life in Ramadan this year and we would like to make it clear that all the promotional material that we broadcast, publish or appear in the streets for all series is received from production companies approved by them for use and we do not specify the size or The location of the photos is their business in their contracts with the stars. ”

He continued: As for the series When We were Young, the approved materials were received from (Art Makers), which is headed by producer Ahmed Abdel-Ati, “noting that the scenes of Al-Hayat channel await a beautiful Ramadan meal carefully chosen, wishing Ramadan Kareem to all viewers.

The big star, Samira Said, has finished singing the series badge during the past two days, which is expected to witness a representative match between the three stars.

The work revolves around a “murder” that turns the life of the heroine and her friends, the alumni of the American University, who work for one of the companies owned by the star Mahmoud Hamida, and the events continue.

The series witnesses the return of the star Mahmoud Hamida to the drama again after an absence of 3 years since his participation in the first part of the “Spiritual Father” series, written by Hani Sarhan and directed by Peter Mimi in 2017, where he appeared in the first 7 episodes only, and is considered “when we were young” the third work Only for Mahmoud Hamida in the TV drama after he presented “The Legacy of the Wind” in 2013 and it was his first experience despite his great cinematic history.

The two great stars Mahmoud Hamida and Khaled El-Nabawy will meet in this work after 32 years, guessing their participation in the 1997 movie “Al-Masir” starring the late director Youssef Chahine.


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