Jumana Bouaeed publishes the first pictures of her match and celebrities: May God protect them


Jumana Bouaeed publishes the first pictures of her match and celebrities: May God protect them

Wed, 01 Apr 2020 18:11

Iman Magdy wrote:

Rizk Lebanese media Jomana Poaid A few days ago, two twin boys “a boy and a girl” were born, after 7 years from the date of her marriage, and yesterday evening revealed the first picture of her children from inside the hospital in Beirut and published it through her accounts on social media platforms, announcing their names, where she chose the name “Malik” for the boy and “Chloe” “For the girl.

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Bouaeed commented on the photo, saying: “My little angels are Malik and Chloe, they enlightened our lives … Thank you, my Lord.” She also thanked those in charge of the work inside the hospital In which she gave birth to the two children, confirming that she had received very good medical care.

Joumana has received many congratulatory messages from her famous friends, among them the Syrian singer authenticity In the photo: “The sweetest and most beautiful event of his tooth that exhausted us Thank you and our children who have come to be the light that will bring forth new hope with him, with his sweetest sweetest,

A billion praise be to God for your safety, high-end luxury Jojo, and God bless them

She also added the Lebanese artist Cyrine Abdel Nour“May God protect them,” commented artist Carole Samaha, with expressions bearing hearts and a smiling face.

It is noteworthy that Jumana Bouaid started her career in the mid-nineties, and presented artistic programs in famous satellite channels, among them the Rotana channel, which was widely known through it as it provided a social and technical newsletter that many considered the first of its kind in the Arab world, and one of its most famous programs “With my love,” and “word of separation.”


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