Jiro responds to the mockery of Benzema in one sentence



Jiro responds to the mockery of Benzema in one sentence

Chelsea striker Olivier Giroud, the French international, responded in one word to his compatriot Karim Benzema, Real Madrid’s top scorer, who criticized him earlier and described him as a karting car.

“Well, I am like a karting car, but I have a karting car in the World Cup,” he said, referring to his culmination with France 2018 World Cup title, unlike Benzema, who is still in pain and has not yet accepted the decision to exclude him from the list of “roosters” since 2015 On the background of his involvement in the extortion case of his colleague Matteo Valbuena, with a sex tape.

Benzema mocked Jiro a few days ago, when he answered a question from one of his followers in a video on “Instagram” about who is the best, or Jiro? So he said, “You can’t confuse a Formula 1 car with a karting car, I’m friendly with it, but I know I’m a Formula 1 car.”

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It is worth noting that Giroud has 39 goals in his national team in France in 97 international matches, while Karim Benzema scored 27 goals in 81 games.

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