Jihan Abdel Azim retires from art and asks: Let me live in peace!



After her absence from the Syrian drama for several years, the Syrian actress Jihan Abdel Azim surprised her followers and fans with the decision to retire from art.

Abdel Azim posted a picture of her on her personal account on Instagram, commenting on her: “I know that many of you are waiting impatiently for my return, and I did not intend to convey to you news that disturbs you these days, but after a long reflection I made the decision to retire, which is an individual decision stemming from me.”

Abdel-Azim continued: “Please respect my personal life and let me live my family life in peace and security.”

Abdel-Azim concluded that, despite her retirement, she will not close her accounts so that everyone can follow her, saying: “I will never close my accounts. Anyone who wants to follow me will follow me on my channel that I have not broken, my permanent love to you.”


Abdel-Azim, who has many followers who have expressed in the past periods their waiting for her return to the Syrian drama, interacted with her words, so they were supporters of the idea of ​​retirement, and some of them considered that her retirement is a loss, and some of them found someone in that personal freedom after her marriage, while comments were received Many are calling for Jihan to back down from the decision to retire and film a second part of the series innocent guilty.

A number of followers linked her decision to retire and her marriage, where one of them wrote: “What are most of the actresses married and who represent like Dima Kandalaft and Kinda Hanna and Dima sellers? Why do you retire?”, And another wrote: “All artists are reasonable, your lives will be unhappy and unhappy, as if they rushed your decision.”

Another asked her to think again, saying: “A big loss we were waiting for is actually coming back, I wish you could return your accounts to the place.”

A third section linked the retirement of Abdel-Azim to the retirement of some female artists, in terms of his retreat, as one of them wrote: “What is important is not just a movement or a gesture until you return to two dimensions of acting.”

While some wished her success in this step.


The last work of the actress, Jihan Abdel Azim, was the series “innocent guilty”, which was shown in the Ramadan season in 2018, directed by Ahmed Suwaidani, written by Abdul Majeed Al Anzi and Basil Khalil.

It is noteworthy that the Syrian actress Jihan Abdel Azim participated in her beginnings in the exhibition of folk dances in the “Syrian Song Festival”, and her actual start in acting in 1993 in the series “The roots do not die” and then she continued her artwork after that and presented many roles and personalities. But her real chance was through the series “Soft Spines” by Rasha Sharbatji, which was shown in 2005.

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