Japanese stocks closed lower with the rise of the yen and epidemic fears


direct: Japanese stock indices fell at the close of trading on Monday, as investors worried about the impact of the corona virus outbreak on corporate profits.

The performance of shares on the Tokyo Stock Exchange comes amid an increasing number of companies postponing announcing their results for the financial year ending last March due to pressures of the fatal epidemic “Corona” on companies and the global economy in general.

Japanese stocks were also negatively affected by the rise in the local currency, which represents a threat to the attractiveness of commodities for companies dependent on exports abroad.

And saw Oil rose today after OPEC and its allies announced a final agreement to cut production by about 9.7 million barrels per day.

The trading values ​​and volumes are declining today due to the large number of countries in the world celebrating Easter and the stalling of financial markets in most of the European countries.

At the close, the Japanese Nikkei fell 2.3 percent, or 455 points, to drop to the level of 19043.4 points.

The broader Topix index fell 1.7 percent, recording a level at 1405.9 points.

By 7:35 am GMT, the Japanese yen rose by 0.6 percent to the level of 107.85 yen.

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