Japanese painter presenting realistic paintings that cause controversy on “Social Media” .. pictures


This has arrived The painter To an advanced stage of art, to the point that many cannot differentiate if this painting is real or fiction, given this very realistic painting you cannot differentiate it from the truth, most people could not do that, which is why the artworks of the Japanese painter Yuki Tokoda gets great attention on social media.

Beginning of the drawing
Beginning of the drawing

according to odditycentral Yuki Tokoda is a talented painter whose cartoon characters are immortalized in books and magazines, but the Japanese artist recently enjoyed praise for his realistic drawings, especially those of the amazing realistic octopus made with a pen, pencil and brush.


Given his masterpiece and the level of detail he was able to achieve with this limited equipment and tools, it is easy to see why Tokoda’s photos were admired and shared by hundreds of thousands of people on Twitter Alone.

Octopus illustration
Octopus illustration

The talented painter documented the arduous process behind drawing the crazy squid on a Japanese blog, and it appears that this was his second attempt to draw a realistic work on Akhtaboot, after two years of repeated failure, this time, he did things a little differently. For starters, he began to draw a simple outline For octopus and then using the airbrush to paint its shadow, it was the first time that he used the airbrush so he had two failed attempts.

Snake illustration
Snake illustration

The Japanese painted the base layer of octopus using signs copic White and gray, before relying on colored pencils to draw details, such as eyes, small black spots and suckers, and finally, rely on a white marker to transcribe the final details, such as the shiny effect of the squid’s body and claws.


To show his progress in the past two years, Tokoda also posted photos alongside for his first attempt in two years, the last of which.


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