Jamal Al-Assi: Ahmed Fathi signed for “Pyramids” 6 months ago


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Jamal Al-Asi, the journalist writer and former Al-Ahly channel chief, confirmed that Ahmed Fathi, the first team soccer player in Al-Ahly Club, signed his transfer contracts to Pyramids six months ago, explaining that he had been delaying the renewal of his contract and postponing and claiming that he was thinking all of them were maneuvers and played with the emotions and feelings of the fans .

Al-Asi wrote, on his personal page on the social networking site «Facebook»: «Glory to my honor and disgrace to Fathi .. The greatest mistake of the star Ahmed Fathi that he deceived the masses of Al-Ahly and continued to negotiate with his Al-Ahly administration and procrastinate and postpone and claim that he thinks and unfortunately all were maneuvers and played with the feelings and feelings of the fans and the original He officially signed to Pyramids six months before it, and therefore the fans will not forgive him of this great deception, and Al-Ahly’s board of directors will not forgive him for his bitter lie .. All his love for the intelligence of the real star Sharif Ikrami, who respected his fans and his administration, was evident in the departure of his new club, glory to the honest and disgraceful of the liar ».


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