Izz al-Din and Darwish at “NBA Craft”


It is almost certain that the Lebanese international players Karim Ezz El-Din, the player of the Marian team “Al-Shanville” and Sergio Darwish (195 cm), the first-degree NCAA League player who occupies the position of distributor with the team of the University of Maine, will participate in the NBA Draft. For Professionals (Draft NBA) as stated by the official website, Sport Tundo Basketball (sportando.basketball).

It did not specify the time period or the manner in which the matches will be held pending the crisis of Corona (Covid-19).

The step comes to confirm once again the distinguished Lebanese presence in the global basket, knowing that the players will participate with more than one team. Darwish’s numbers in the matches reached 14.9 points, 5.2 rebounds and 4.2 assists, and Ezz El-Din with his team, the Shanville, reached 7 points per game.

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