I’ve never made a great movie


At an inappropriate time, the memoirs of American film director Woody Allen appeared, titled “Nothing in Particular,” a few days ago about “Arcade”, and some American newspapers did not receive them with much affection, so the “Washington Post” chose its title if it was implemented. Your toilet paper, Woody Allan’s notes are made of paper, “while the New York Times described it in the title” Sometimes amusing … without taste and vulgar “.
In the memos described by the publisher as “often candid and funny,” the director, writer, and comedian provide a comprehensive view of his troubled life, starting from his childhood in Brooklyn and his tenure as a writer on the TV show “Master Cesar” and working alongside famous comedians.

He tells Allen about his difficult early days before achieving recognition and success, narrates his move to directing and filmmaking, with comic films like “Take the Cash and Run”, and reconsiders his full and prolific career as a writer and director.

From his classic “Annie Hall”, “Manhattan”, and “Annie and her sisters” to his latest films, including “Midnight in Paris”, Allen discusses his life stations, marriages, romance in his life, famous friendships, jazz books, books and plays, and talks about his mistakes, successes and those He loved them, worked with them and learned from them.

The notes are divided into three parts: the first is a fun narration of his upbringing in Brooklyn, the second is an analysis that reveals successes and faults in his film industry, and the third is about his personal relationships.

His memoirs were rejected before it was even published, and he attacked and threatened his wife’s son Ronan Farrow to cut ties with the “Hachette” house that was published by Faro “Hold and Kill” recently, and would have published Allen’s memoirs in which he talks about Farrow and the reality of his paternity, so perhaps Allen in his diaries stands on his accusations of harassment Sexual and refutes it and publishes the judicial decisions that support his position.

Allen’s work affected generations of movie pioneers and achieved a privileged place in popular culture, and he had chaotic relationships with a large number of stars, but he says, “Who is my audience? I often ask myself … I have been given millions to make movies, yet I have not made Never a wonderful movie. ”


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