Ivan Rakitic rejects 3 Italian offers and confuses the accounts of Barcelona – Erm News


Ivan Rakitic continues to midfielder Barcelona Anad with the club and insists on leaving for Seville, rejecting 3 offers from Italy clubs to move to her next summer.

Barcelona is seeking to get rid of the Croatian international for the third year in a row, while Rakitic, 32, insists on staying or returning to his former club.

The Catalan club informed its player of the existence of 3 offers from Italian clubs, likely from Inter Milan, Milan and Juventus, you want, but Rakitic, according to the Catalan newspaper “Sport”, is still insisting on his opinion.

The player’s contract expires next year and Barcelona seeks to reap the maximum possible gains before his departure for free to where he wants, but it seems that the Catalan club will find the same difficulties that he found each time.

Rakitic does not want to play in Italy and he has already rejected an offer from Inter Milan last year while the doors of Paris Saint-Germain are now closed.

3 Italian shows have arrived in Barcelona and the club welcomes them all, especially as it guarantees him to recover part of his money, but it turned out that the midfielder is only thinking of returning to Seville, where he and his wife are associated with wonderful memories and every time Evan and his family get a vacation they take the opportunity to travel to Seville is there and plans to end his career.

This upsets the Catalan team because it knows that the offer that Seville can make will be much less than the other teams that knock on the doors of Camp Nou.

Meanwhile, Rakitic continues to show his love for his former club on social networks, choosing the best moments of his career and coming in third in the European League final with Seville in 2014 against Benfica, Portugal.

Seville seized the opportunity and responded to Rakitic, saying: “Beautiful memories, isn’t it Ivan?” Which indicates Seville’s pursuit of its former player, but of course he has not made an offer yet.


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