Ito and Drogba attack two French doctors: villains … Africans are not mice


Ito and Drogba attack two French doctors: villains ... Africans are not mice


                    BERTRAND LANGLOIS

A proposal by two French doctors to try a vaccine against the Corona virus on Africans, arguing that they do not have effective health systems, has angered some myths of the continent, such as the Cameroonian Ito and the Ivorian Drogba.

The two French doctors exchanged the proposals in a television interview, as one of them said: “This may cause controversy, but can we do a study in Africa where they do not have the masks or the necessary treatment? What do you think?” The second replied: “You have the right, and we are thinking of conducting a parallel study in Africa, and I think that there is a request that has not been announced, but it will come to light, and we are seriously thinking about this, as we do not reject any study in Europe or Australia.”

These statements sparked outrage and controversy on social media, and some of the stars of the African soccer club, led by Cameroon Samuel Eto’o, and Ivorian Didier Drogba, responded to this talk.

Eto’o, Barcelona striker and Cameroon, responded: “Villains” are a direct insult to the doctors for wanting to try a cure on the Africans.

These words also infuriated Drogba, the English football star and Côte d’Ivoire, commenting: “This is unimaginable, and Africa is not a laboratory for tests. These statements are very fake and very racist, they helped save Africa from the Corona virus, but do not use Africans as test mice.” This is disgusting, and African leaders must take responsibility for protecting their people from these horrific conspiracies. ”

These statements not only raised the disgust of the stars of the witch on the African continent, but also angered a large part of the French people who began collecting electronic signatures on “change” to file a defamation invitation against the two doctors.

Source: “Ace”


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