“It is not going to live.” Muhammad Ramadan reveals the reason for the difficulty of acting with Adel Imam


The Egyptian artist, Mohamed Ramadan, said that he loves the artist Adel Imam, and that he respects him and that he has a place for him, but their meeting in one artwork is difficult.In his statements to Al-Gomhoria newspaper, he affirmed that he wishes to appear before him even if a guest of honor, saying: “After the Al-Ostoura series, I spoke to Muhammad Imam and said Muharramnich that he remains in my history and stood a scene until one before Adel Imam.”

Ramadan indicated that there is a difficulty in getting together with one job, saying: “Of course, the issue is very difficult. A producer pays him and pays me a wage … It is possible after this that I will not live.”Asked about the idea of ​​Adel Imam as a guest of honor in his work, he said: “Of course it is impossible … the little is the one who goes to the big.”

Ramadan finished filming the series “Al-Prince” scheduled to be shown next Ramadan, produced by Synergy, where director Mohamed Samy filmed the last scenes of work 3 days ago, which is the scene of the wedding of Ramadan, and also photographed the hours before the wedding, several scenes in the “Kit Kat” area Specifically, inside one of the buoys on the Nile, the viewers gathered Mohammed Ramadan, Ahmed Zaher, Regina, Mohamed Alaa Jamaica, and others.

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